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Online Outfitters

Residing in East Texas, all of our staff has a burning passion for the outdoors and recongizes the need for a one stop entity with information on products, caring staff, and a vast selecetion. This gave us the desire to share our passion with as many people as possible, and making it easy, simple, and most importantly affordable to pursue all of your various sporting hobbies. As a relatively young company we have built our success on providing fast timely service, whether that is communication or fulfillment our sole purpose is to create a community where we can come together as outdoorsmen and enjoy our pway of life. Operating in the E-Commerce space give us a unique opportunity to carry products that are mabe not as relavent to our local area, establish friendships and partnerships with those across the country, and most importantly learn from YOU, our customers what gear/products are essential to your specific region. We ask our customers to view us as true 'Outfitters' for what you need to be succesful in the field, if there are products, brands, or even information you wanting we encourage you to email us at to make your request or share your story.

Firearms / Ammunition Sales

All firearm sales are required to go to an FFL, we will not meet and exchange in person,. To maintain our level of efficency we require an up to date FFL within 48 hours of your purchase. After 48 hours of not receiving an FFL we will cancel the order. All ammo shipments MUST go ground shipping by law. Please do not buy ammo expecting to have it in 48 hours for a hunt, we do try and ship with 2 business days at most but can not overnight ammo legally. You are responsible as the buyer for supplying an FFL dealer to facilitate the transfer. The faster you get the information sent to the faster you will receive your firearm. If we need to contact on your behalf we are more than happy to do so, but the contact info and name of business is still expected. Please no legal inquiries, we are not lawyers and do not wish to incidentally mislead anyone.


Before Purchasing

Communication is key to establishing a good business relationship, we ask that you please reach out to us with any concerns/questions. We operate in the office Monday through Friday. Feel free to call, email; if we are unavailable, please leave us a voicemail and we will do our best to get back with you as soon as we can.  

After the Purchase

To ensure a timely delivery from the moment you purchase is our main goal. In order to do this we have an instant checkout feature available at the moment of checkout to eliminate long phone calls reading card numbers, or waiting on a money order to get delivered. WE CHARGE ZERO CREDIT CARD FEES. This process saves you money and valuable time, and also allows us to uphold our commitment of shipping by the next business day of receiving the FFL. All we require is contact info and the name of your FFL emailed to us within 48 hours of purchase, but it will drastically speed up the process if we receive a photo and do not have to wait on the receiving dealer. 

All order cancellation requests are charged up to a 10% restocking fee if the return reason is at no fault of Online Outfitters.

Any unsatisfaaction with your order due to our own error resulting in a cancelled order will not be charged a restocking fee.



All firearm shipments leave via UPS, within 2 business days of us receiving your FFL. We are here to make this process for you as easy as possible, if you need to change your FFL please let us know and if your firearm has not been shipped we will change the destination. If you can not receive UPS shippments, please let us know and we can make alternative arrangements.

Legal Terms

All legal inquires will be handled within the state of Texas.

Orginal Price refers to the original listed price we sold the item for.

Retail value refers to MSRP price of the given item

All sales over $500 containing non-serialized items maybe subject to request of verification to ensure protection against fruad. If confirmation is not received after 48 hours of being requested, your order will be cancelled.


We will send you tracking as soon as the label is created. This does not mean the box has left the facility, this email is telling you that the order is boxed up and awaiting pickup from the respective carrier. Example: tracking email is received Friday after 5pm, yet nothing changes on the tracking page until Monday afternoon. This is because Fed Ex, UPS, etc.. do not pick up over the weekend the next possible pickup is Monday afternoon.

Contact Information


Phone: 903.866.6058

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